EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems is a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finish for modern buildings. Flush-finish walls and ceilings are produced quickly and easily with the EZ Concept range of durable metal sections, including the patented EzyJamb® door jamb.

Stunningly discrete, the EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems combines versatile functionality and inconspicuous detail, creating a unique harmony in the square-set, architrave-free rooms it adorns.

EzyJamb SRC - Black Rock
EzyJamb - 131 Walsh Street

EzyJamb comprises of:

  EZC – Classic Adjust Split Type Jamb
This two-piece jamb is adjustable to allow for various wall thicknesses while still creating a clean and flush finish with the wall.

  SRCSingle Rebate Door Frame
This one-piece frameless doorjamb is customisable to fit with your wall type, creating a clean transition from one side of the jamb to the other.

  ISD Inswing Door Frame
ISD is a one piece customisable doorjamb, designed to fit your wall thickness while allowing the door to open inwards, including in hallways and corridors.

Ezy Cap is a quick and economical way to finish off your stop ends and wall details to give you a clean and flush finish, inline with the rest of the EZ concept range. This is available in custom widths and sizes and is Australian made.

EzyJamb - Black Rock
EzyJamb - 131 Walsh Street

Ezy Reveal is an Australian made profile that is a strong and secure window frame that enables the window to have a flush finish with the plasterboard. This has become the most popular finish to all windows throughout every project.

Ezy Reveals slimline design means it blends in with any interior space and gives a clean flush finish for the window.

Cav Kit is a product used to make any Cavity Slider an aesthetically pleasing smooth, clean and flush finish. This product has been developed to make the door appear invisible when open and provide privacy when closed. The clean edges, flush finish is unique to the Cav Kit profile.

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