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Cradle to Cradle Solution

MBS Architectural is Australia’s leading suspended ceiling product supplier and is proud to partner with Australian Mineral Fibre (AMF) Pty Ltd to distribute their Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile to the Australian market. Manufactured in Germany for over 60 years, AMF Ceiling Tiles are a market leader in sustainability and acoustic performance.

THERMATEX® Alpha One | Smooth laminated ceiling tiles with outstanding acoustic absorption.

THERMATEX® Acoustic | Smooth laminated ceiling tiles with balanced acoustics ideal for offices, meeting rooms, libraries and classrooms.

Excellent acoustics at good value
Mineral Fibre Ceiling tiles are available in various options, suitable for all environments, performance criteria and budgets. Our standard range, handpicked for the Australian market, consists of eight Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile options.

Unique to AMF is a consistent fleece colour across their entire range, allowing you to mix and match area-specific ceiling tiles across your project and ensure a clean & consistent finish is achieved.

Unsure where to start? Download our guide on how to specifying your next Mineral Fibre Ceiling tiles project.

Mineral Fibre | 1500mm x 1500mm Modular Grid

Grid Selection
Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles are designed to lay into a suspended ceiling grid. The specification of the ceiling grid is an integral component of your design. Where and how to treat the ceiling grid has a dramatic effect on how the ceiling grid is visually read across your suspended ceiling. Ceiling Grids are typically installed in an exposed two-way configuration or a modular suspended grid set-out.

Mineral Fibre | 1200mm x 600mm Exposed Two-Way Grid

In addition to selecting an appropriate ceiling grid to suit your design intent, there are a number of Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile edge details that can dramatically affect your design intent.

Board Prelude 24mm, Two-Way Grid (Exposed)
Tegular 24 Prelude 24mm, Two-Way Grid (Recessed)
Tegular 15 Slimline 15mm, Two-Way Grid (Recessed)
K2C2 Edge One Way / Modular Grid

Note: Edge details & grid options are not suitable for all environments. Please consultant your MBS Architectural representative to confirm the best ceiling grid for your application.


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