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Apollo is a modular feature batten system suitable for wall and ceiling applications. At the system's core is a proprietary clip connection that is pre-set at your specified centres before arriving on-site. This clip creates a concealed connection that achieves a clean, modern aesthetic while allowing quick and easy installation on-site.

The Apollo Timber Batten system's modular nature is highly customisable, allowing it to adapt to your project-specific requirements. This gives you creative freedom to design a stunning linear feature that is unique to your project.

The system features

The Apollo Timber Batten range comprises ten profile shapes. Designs can mix and match these profiles. Your Apollo Timber Batten feature could consist of one profile repeated throughout or a mix and match of the various shapes to add depth and texture to your linear design. 

Batten Profiles

Apollo Timber Battens are available in seven different profiles as standard; profile dimensions listed are depth by width.

Are other sizes available?
Yes! A range of custom profiles are possible, subject to raw flitch material availability. If you have an application in mind with a profile not listed above, please reach out o one of our MBS Architectural representatives to discuss.

NOTE: Working with timber is all about efficient yield. Consequently, some consideration to profile sizing should be made. Please discuss with MBS Architectural.

Timber Species

Timber species selection is a critical part of the design process. Each timber species offers building designers with unique visual appeal, colour, grain patterns, durability, and availability. The selection of a Timber Species makes a big different in the overall look and feel of a space.

The Apollo Timber Batten system is available in the following timber species:

Tasmanian Blackwood
A traditionally brown timber, with quite a large spectrum of natural variation. The range includes dark brown, light brown and occasional red hues.

The heartwood of the timber is a lovely golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour. Often the grain structure is straight with an occasional fiddle-back figure. Sourced locally in Australia.

Similar timber species: Spotted Gum

Tasmanian Oak
Tasmanian Oak is effectively the exact colouring as Victorian Ash. They both pull from the same species of tree, just grown in a slightly different region. Pale to light brown in colouring, with an occasionally pinkish tinge.

The Sapwood is a pale yellow and is traditionally easy to distinguish from the heartwood. Grain is sometimes interlocked. Gum veins are common. Quite a stable timber. Sourced locally in Australia.

Similar timber species: Victorian Ash

American White Oak
A lovely timber imported from America. Extremely popular in internal applications, including flooring. Known for its lovely grain structure. American White Oak encompasses eight different species from America.

Traditionally an aesthetically pleasing, consistent pale brown colour, with limited colour variation. Has a light-coloured sapwood and alight to brown heartwood. The grain is mostly straight with a medium to coarse texture. Machines quite well which makes it popular for joinery applications.

Similar timber species: European Oak        

NOTE: American White Oak should not be confused with American Red Oak (also marketed as American Oak). American Red Oak draws from a separate species of tree. Key Differences include: White Oak has longer rays and more figure than Red Oak. Red Oak colour is more variable, with occasional pinkish tinges.

Timber Coatings

Coating selection is an important step in design of a timber batten application. Coatings play a vital role. They act as a barrier, protecting the Timber batten from the effects of fading, weather, and water absorption.

It also seals the Timber, preventing fungi and mould from taking hold while also providing a decorating finish. Where selected appropriately, a coating can help hence the natural beauty of the timber you are designing with.

The Apollo Timber Batten System is available in two types of coatings:

Surface Film Coating
Surface Film Coatings are a more traditional method of timber protection. They are applied to the surface of the Timber Batten and form a protective film to protect the timber. They are relatively easy to apply and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes Available in clear or tinted variants.

Penetrating Oil Coating
Penetrating oils are a more modern technique for protecting timber. These coatings are applied to the timber and penetrate deep into the wood fibres. Available in clear or tinted variants.

Key Differences – Surface Film vs Penetrating Oil  

Batten Spacing

Batten spacing refers to the physical gap between each feature batten and is a critical factor to consider when designing your next linear batten feature.

Batten spacing impacts the density of the battens across your design and has on a strong impact on your design intent, the linear effect and the overall cost. Our Apollo Batten system is modular, allowing it to adapt to the various demands required of your design.

When selecting Batten spacing, you have full freedom to select a gap (down to the mm) that best suits your design intent. Our minimum recommended gap is 3mm.

Design Tips when Considering Batten Spacing  


Apollo Timber battens are supplied at 2700mm as standard, subject to material availability. Timber supply is volatile. Length availability is to be confirmed at the time of ordering.

Framing System

Apollo Battens are designed to be installed in both horizontal (ceiling) and vertical (wall applications).

Apollo Top Cross Rail (TCR) Ceiling Track

Dims: 25mm deep x 31mm wide, with a 7mm channel to integrate acoustic backing (if required).

Our ceiling track is designed to replace a Top Cross Rail (TCR) in a standard suspended ceiling installation. We supply clips to suspend the TCR and 05mm threaded rod (for a drop up to 1200mm) as part of the Apollo System. Note: Fixing to connect the threaded rod droppers to the substrate are not included.

Apollo Wall Track

Dims: 17mm deep x 40mm wide, with a 7mm channel to integrate acoustic backing (if required).

Fixings: Recommended screw fixing centers @ 300mm centers.

Apollo Wall Track (for a curving wall)

Dims: 17mm deep x 40mm wide, with a 7mm channel to integrate acoustic backing (if required).

Wall track that is supplied to site with notching that allows flexibility. The track will then adapt to suit the curvature of your pre-prepared substrate.

Min/max radius: TBC
Fixings: Recommended screw fixing centers @ 300mm centers. May be required more frequently at righter radii.

Note: Screws to suit substrate are not supplied as part of the Apollo System.

System Components

Top Cross Rail
The Apollo Top Cross Rail is supplied with batten clips pre-indexed at the specified centers for the project, meaning the majority of installation set-out work has been completed prior to the material arriving on-site. Once the Timber Battens are clipped into the TCR, the batten clips become fully concealed.

Top Cross Rail Joiners
(Ceiling Track)
To keep the number of system components to a minimum, the friction fit joiners that are used to align the Timber Battens can also be used to connect the Top Cross Rails (TCR) to one another. The joiners are insert in the top slot of the TCR.

End Junctions
Angle End-Stop:

Base Angle

Services Integration

Services which integrate into the Apollo timber batten system must not exceed 3kg/m3, and any weights over 3kg/m3 must be self-supporting.

Get in touch to discuss your options. For further detailing and integration of services, we recommend you visit our Resources Hub where we have a number of drawings and examples of different detailing scenarios. If you can't find something you're looking for in the Hub, reach out to our team who will be more than happy to provide recommendations.


Typical Installation Set Up
Ceiling Application:

Wall Application:

Fixing Spans
Our recommendation is that both Wall Track and Ceiling Top Cross Rails are installed at no greater than 600mm centers (see earlier diagrams in typical set-ups). This is intended as a guide only.

We recommend all projects are reviewed by either an independent or on-site engineer to confirm that spans are suitable for your site-specific conditions. We are happy to provide square meter weights for our system as required. Please contact your MBS representative if required.

Maximum Cantilever
The maximum cantilever recommended for the Apollo Timber Battens of any profile size is 200mm. Cantilever refers to the distance between the last Apollo track and the end of your Apollo timber batten.

Access Panels

The use of a drop-in hatch is the simplest solution to providing access within an Apollo Timber Batten Ceiling. Hatches are easy built on-site by the contractor with a typical size of 600mm x 600mm. The batten clip at each end of the Access Hatch Top Cross Rail (TCR) is to be removed.

The removal of this clip allows the TCR to sit on top of the perpendicular timber batten in the ceiling, without clipping in and locking in place. This ensures continuous access to the ceiling plenum above.

Access Hatch


Where acoustic performance is required, we supply a semi-rigid 7mm black acoustic panel. Acoustic backing is polyester and rated to meet group 1 fire compliance. When installing an Apollo Batten system with 7mm Acoustic Backing against a hard surface, an NRC of 0.25 is achieved. This can increase to an NRC of 0.50 with the addition of a 25mm air cavity behind.

7mm - Black 0.5 NRC (25mm cavity) Group 1 2400 x 568mm
25mm 35kg/m3 Black 0.7 NRC Group 1 2400 x 568mm
50mm 35kg/m3 Black 0.9 NRC Group 1 2400 x 568mm

Apollo tracks all come with 7mm channels that allow the Acoustic Backing to slide in between the tracks easily. Acoustic Backing is pre-cut to suit recommended track centers. This ensures easy and accurate installation. The material is flexible and further alterations can be made on-site to cut to specific sizes. If further acoustic performance is required, acoustic batts can be easily added behind the timber batten to increase performance (up to NRC 1.0).

Please consult your MBS representative for further guidance when looking to improve the acoustic performance of your design.


Caring for your Apollo Timber Batten product correctly will greatly enhance its longevity. Below are our recommendations for extending the life of your Timber Batten system.

Optimise Performance & Cleaning  

Fire Compliance

The Apollo Timber Batten System achieves a Group 3 rating as per Section 9(n) of AS5637.1-2015.


For interior applications, the Apollo Timber Batten System comes with a 10-year warranty. Please contact your MBS representative for your project specific warranty.

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