The Resilmount range of sound isolation products by Studco Building Systems covers various practical solutions for noise isolation for the wall and ceiling industries.

Resilmount patented thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its unique natural absorbing characteristics. Resilmount's unique sound cell design guards against sound transferring into the body of the Resilmount. Its robust column design provides a small percentage of contact surface area with the structure or substrate it is fixed to. This aids in absorbing and breaking up airborne sound at its transfer point.

M50R Resilmount Hanger
M96R Resilmount FC to Purlin
M237TR Resilmount FC to TCR Mount
M239R Resilmount Direct Fix
M319R SlimCeil w Resilmount
M324R SlimCeil w Resilmount
M481R Resilmount
M482R Resilmount
MBFR6 Resilmount Direct Fix Clip
Resilmount In-Situ

Resilmount Ceilings
For unbeatable acoustic performance in restricted ceiling spaces, the Resilmount M319R Slimceil static deflection ceiling bracket is the answer: a unique invention by Resilmount that solves the question of achieving maximum static deflection for optimum acoustics within the smallest, most compact ceiling spaces.

By combining Resilmount's patented sound cell technology with the Slimceil low-clearance ceiling system from Studco, Resilmount has satisfactorily achieved a method for reducing the ceiling plenum height to avoid wasted space without limiting the properties of the noise reduction element.

By using Resilmount M319R on high-rise apartments, you can reduce the slab-to-slab height resulting in more saleable floor space than with conventional acoustic ceiling treatment methods.

Resilmount Ceiling

Resilmount Walls  
The Resilmount M481R & M482R isolated wall brace is unsurpassed in performance, amenity and value for providing a structural tie between two walls and supporting horizontal loads.

Commonly used in cinemas, theatres and lecture halls to decouple internal steel or timber walls from the concrete structure, these acoustic mounts are engineered to reduce sound transfer and vibration while providing economic benefits by minimising the wall framing requirements.

The acoustic performance of this isolation mount has been laboratory tested, and the unique design overcomes many of the shortcomings of traditional acoustic wall ties.

Resilmount Walls

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