Overview: External Cladding
Selecting a suitable External cladding is one of the most important steps when designing a building, as this acts as the primary barrier from the external pressures and encapsulates the thermal properties. Whilst a cladding’s performance is critical, it also plays a pivotal part in the aesthetic of the building. 

MBS Architectural provide an extensive range to achieve performance requirements, alongside any desired finish.

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   Apollo Aluminium Timber look Battens
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   BGC Fibre Cement
   Cemintel Cladding Range
   James Hardie

BGC Fibre Cement

With a choice of both traditional and contemporary styling, BGC supply exterior cladding and linings in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste – ensuring the first impression is always “wow.”

This is followed by the peace of mind of knowing that the edifice will stand the test of time – both in terms of durability and good taste. With Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement, it’s not just exterior house cladding – it’s art and innovation.

Cemintel Cladding Range

Cemintel are the fibre cement and lightweight composite solution specialists.

With design and innovation as their central drivers, Cemintel is focused on a fresh, intuitive approach to lightweight façades, building solutions and feature walls.  

James Hardie

The product range suits a wide palette of architectural styles, from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary designs.

The cladding products also look great in combination with many traditional building materials such as stone, wood and brick, making design potential boundless!

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