Crafting Exceptional Spaces with Aluminium Timber Look Battens: An Interior Designer’s Perspective

January 23, 2024

Redefining Interior Spaces

For the discerning interior designer, materials are not just design elements; they are its essence. Aluminium Timber Look Battens presents a unique opportunity to belt the stunning appeal of natural timber with the practicality and quality of aluminium. This article explores how these battens can help interior designers create spaces that resonate with their creative vision and client expectations.

Aluminium Timber Look Battens
50x25 Aluminium Timber Look Ceiling Battens in Blonde Oak

Embracing Natural Beauty with Contemporary Materials

The quest for materials that offer a natural look and feel without compromising on quality leads many designers to Aluminium Timber Look Battens. They mimic the texture and warmth of real timber while offering the durability and ease of aluminium. This blend ensures that the final interiors not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Aluminium Battens
200x50 Horizontal Aluminium Ceiling Battens in Blackbutt Timber Look

Balancing Budget and Design with Aluminium Battens

One of the primary challenges for interior designers is balancing the client’s budget with the desired outcome.

Aluminium Timber Look Battens offer a cost-effective solution without sacrificing style or quality. Their longevity and low maintenance requirements make them an economically smart choice for budget-conscious projects.

While it’s challenging to specify exact cost differences between aluminium timber look batten ceilings and natural timber battens ceilings, our experience at MBS Architectural indicates substantial savings when opting for the former.

The cost variations are influenced by the material quality, design intricacy, and installation needs. For precise and current cost comparisons tailored to specific projects, we recommend consulting directly with MBS Architectural. This approach ensures accurate and relevant financial guidance for your unique design requirements.

Aluminium Ceiling Battens
50x50 Aluminium Timber Look battens installed in a Volvo showroom

Creating an Atmosphere That Speaks Volumes

Whether it’s a tranquil residential space or a dynamic commercial environment, Aluminium Timber Look Battens help create the right atmosphere. Their versatility allows for a range of applications – from accent walls to feature ceilings – enabling designers to craft spaces that people love using.

Timber Look Battens

The Collaboration Advantage

Working with MBS Architectural, designers can access a wide range of finishes and styles in Aluminium Timber Look Battens. Our sample library is a source of inspiration, aiding designers in choosing the perfect finish to complement their project’s look and feel. We collaborate closely with designers to ensure their vision is realised to the fullest.

Aluminium Timber Look Battens are more than just a material choice; they are a statement of style and functionality. For interior designers looking to make their mark, these battens offer a contemporary solution that aligns perfectly with their artistic and practical goals.

Ready to explore the potential of Aluminium Timber look Battens in your next project? Connect with MBS Architectural for samples and collaborative support to bring your design aspirations to life. Together, let’s create spaces that are not just beautiful but are stories in themselves.

Book a call with our architectural team today to get down into the detail. We are happy to chat through ideas, materiality and budget to find out how we can help you create the interiors you need. Simply drop us a note on or call us on 03 9580 7800 to chat with our specification team.

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