The Advantages of an Open Cell Ceiling System

July 25, 2023

Open Cell: An Innovative Ceiling Solution

In a world of contemporary interior design and architecture, Open Cell ceilings have been creating a buzz for all the right reasons. These innovative ceiling systems add a touch of elegance and modernity to a space and bring along a host of advantages that make them an attractive choice for various applications.

Join us below as we delve into concepts of an Open Cell ceiling and explore their numerous benefits. To talk to one of our project team who can help you find the right ceiling for your project, you can contact us here.

Durlum LIVA Open Cell installed @ Castle Towers Shopping Centre in NSW – 📸 Credit: Network Architectural
A closer look at Durlum's LIVA Open Cell Ceiling– 📸 Credit: Network Architectural

What is an Open Cell Ceiling?


An Open Cell ceiling is a distinctive type of suspended ceiling system with a grid-like framework consisting of 'Open Cells'. These cells are open spaces formed by intersecting metal or timber components. The result is a visually striking pattern that adds depth and texture to a ceiling plane, making a remarkable architectural feature. 

Unlike conventional suspended ceilings that fully enclose the space above, Open Cell ceilings allow visibility of the plenum area (the space between the ceiling and the floor above). This unique design element offers numerous advantages that go beyond aesthetic appeal. 

Close-up of Quadra Décor by Durlum

Advantages of Open Cell Ceiling Systems


The openness of an Open Cell ceiling offers a considerable advantage to those looking to design a homogenous and seamless ceiling plane. Most Open Cell ceiling systems have an Open Area % of 50-60%, with some as high as 75-85%. This Open Area percentage provides a unique opportunity for Architects and Designers to incorporate their services above the line of the ceiling plane. Services like sprinklers, lighting and/or mechanical ventilation can filter through this Open Area down to the user level without penetrating the ceiling plane.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Open Cell ceilings are known for their contemporary and sophisticated appearance. The interplay of lines and shadows adds a three-dimensional aspect to the ceiling to create depth, making it visually appealing and creating a modern ambience.

Design Flexibility

Open Cell ceilings come in various materials, colours, patterns, shapes and depths, providing designers and architects with a high degree of flexibility in creating custom ceiling designs that suit their project's unique requirements.

Close-up of Quadra-decor Multidirectional Open-cell Ceiling by Durlum - 📸 Credit: Stephan Klonk Fotodesign


Open Cell ceilings offer easy access to the plenum area and services integrated above, simplifying maintenance and repairs.

Acoustic Performance

One of the significant benefits of an Open Cell ceiling lies in it's potential for acoustic performance. The exposed plenum area can be used to incorporate sound-absorbing materials, enhancing sound insulation and reducing noise levels in the room. This makes Open Cell ceilings ideal for noisy environments such as offices, conference rooms or educational institutions.

Close-up of TICELL Single Blade Louvre by Durlum - 📸 Credit: Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA

Efficient Ventilation and Lighting

The open design of these ceilings allows for better air circulation and natural lighting. Air conditioning and ventilation systems can be integrated seamlessly within the plenum space, optimising energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. Similarly, the natural light entering the room through the Open Cells can help reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, contributing to energy savings.

Sustainable Options

With an increasing focus on sustainable building practices, Open Cell ceilings offer an environmentally friendly option. Their efficient use of materials, potential for incorporating energy-saving features, and recyclability make them suitable for eco-conscious projects.

Close-up of Ticell by Durlum - 📸 Credit: Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA

Open Cell ceilings stand out as an innovative and visually striking solution for modern interior design. Beyond their captivating aesthetic appeal, these ceilings offer various functional advantages, including enhanced ventilation and lighting, openness for service integration & a seamless ceiling plane, improved acoustic performance, easy removability and design flexibility.

As sustainability continues to gain importance in Australian construction, the eco-friendly aspects of Open Cell ceilings further solidify their position as a preferred choice for architects and designers.

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