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November 18, 2022

So, what makes MBS Architectural Australia's leading suspending ceiling product supplier? Let us explain...

MBS Architectural is an Australian-owned & operated family-run business. Our original beginnings were in wall and suspended ceiling framing, from the smallest fastener to the most complex framing system. Over the years, we have transitioned into being one of Australia's leading suppliers of Architectural ceiling and wall lining products, ranging from suspended ceiling tiles to complex parametric and geometric linings of various materialities, including metal, aluminium, steel, polyester, and timber.

We place a high value on collaboration and innovation, which means we're always on the lookout for new materials to play with, new technologies to assist in collaboration and emerging concepts in design to inspire us. This focus ensures we are at the forefront of suspended ceiling design and innovation and are constantly partnering with new and emerging brands to bring the design community the latest in suspended ceiling design.

Canaccord Fit-Out | Apollo Aluminium Battens

Our architectural suspended ceiling range comprises ten different product options, making our range the broadest in Australia. This breadth of range means we have the potential to be your one-stop shop for all suspended ceiling design needs. That means one contact for all your ceiling needs. Substantially more straightforward than managing relationships across three or four different suspended ceiling suppliers on a single project. It also means we have vast experience working across many different product ranges and are in the best position to assist with details when transitioning between each of these product ranges.

35 Collins Street | Perforated Aluminium Panels
Ground-breaking American architect and designer Charles Eames put it best when he said: “The details are not the details, they make the design”.


This is a quote that we live by at MBS Architectural. Design is a sensory experience. Great design is felt.  

In a modern construction industry full of proprietary systems, great design evokes attention to the finer details; the way you transition from one lining to the next, the integration of services, or how you cap off a feature are all essential to great design. This is where we are best positioned at MBS Architectural to provide unique value to your next design project. We have extensive experience in working through project-specific details, sketching recommendations, and providing solutions.

Port Melbourne Secondary College | Heradesign Wood Wool Ceiling Panels


Our core suspending ceiling range consists of:

☉ Apollo timber ceiling battens.

☉ Apollo aluminium ceiling battens.

☉ Timber panelling.

☉ Timber cladding.

☉ Heradesign wood wool ceiling panels.

☉ Mineral fibre ceiling tiles.

☉ Metal ceilings – both proprietary systems and bespoke ceiling design.

☉ Ply panelling.

☉ Autex acoustic solutions.

☉ Architectural soffit linings.


Port Melbourne Secondary College | Heradesign Wood Wool Ceiling Panels

At our base level, we offer a mix of locally manufactured products and also distribute several renowned Australian and European products. We have an extensive network of trusted manufacturers built up over a long period, allowing us to bring the design community a diverse, unique range of creative and innovative products.

When partnering with a manufacturer to deliver a product solution, we look for trusted brands that strongly focus on quality control, innovation and product adaptability. Product adaptability is integral. We are a firm believer in the concept that a propriety suspended ceiling system is effectively a "building block". That means it's a platform that a designer can use as the foundation on their suspended ceiling design, while not constrained by the boundaries of a typical 'product offering'.

A good product should be designed to adapt to the changing needs of a design intent. At it's core it's a developed system with high-levels of custmisation. This allows a builder designer to create a stunning ceiling feature that is unique to that specific project while relying on a developed system to ensure it's easy to install and keeps costs low.

Melbourne Airport, T2 Arrivals | Suspended Metal Ceilings

Where the design intent is even more unique, we have extensive experience in bespoke design across all difficulty levels. For projects that head down this route, we operate on a design philosophy of understanding the critical components of the design intent before looking for an element of the design that we can "systemise". Our goal with finding a common aspect within the design and systemising it is that we can create something repeatable, i.e., a typical fixing detail, a slot connection, or a clip-on component. This repeatable element ensures installation remains as efficient as possible and helps lower overall installation costs.

Our mix of focus on innovation, willingness to collaborate, versatility in product range and attention to detail all combine to make us Australia's leading suspended ceiling provider. If you would like to work with us, or have any questions, get in touch with the team (see details below).

Book a call with our architectural team today to get down into the detail. We are happy to chat through ideas, materiality and budget to find out how we can help you create the interiors you need. Simply drop us a note on hello@mbsarchitectural.com.au or call us on 03 9580 7800 to chat with our specification team.

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