Your quick 6-step guide to specifying your next Apollo batten project

October 21, 2022

The Six Steps

1.  Select a batten base materiality

2.  Select a batten profile

3.  Select a finish for your batten

4.  Decide on batten spacing

5.  Is acoustic backing required?

6.  Consider detailing and how you will treat services integration


Apollo Aluminium Battens | Powder Coated Basalt Flat Electro

1.    Select an Apollo batten base materiality

Our modular Apollo batten system is available in natural Timber or Aluminium. Each of these materials has unique characteristics that may appeal to your project design.
To learn more about the advantages of each material, we suggest you read:

The advantages of aluminium ceiling battens ↖

☉ Your guide to timber battens and timber species selection ↖

NOTE: If Group 1 Fire Compliance is a requirement on your project, we recommend that you select Aluminium as your batten substrate. A Timber Effect powder coat can be applied to the Aluminium Batten for any designs looking to incorporate the warmth of timber. 

2.  Select an Apollo batten profile

Apollo battens are available in 24 profiles (16 timber batten profiles and 8 aluminium batten profiles). The batten profile refers to the physical features of the batten; it's overall shape, width, and depth. Typical profile shapes are Block, Flute, Dome, or Tube.

3.  Select a finish for your Apollo batten design

Timber is available in a Clear Matte Film, Clear Penetrating Oil or a Stained finish. You can read more about our Timber Batten coating options

here. ↖

Aluminium is available in a solid powder coat, anodised or a Timber Effect powder coat. You can read more about our Aluminium Batten finishing options here. ↖

4.  Decide on batten spacing

Batten spacing refers to the physical gap between each feature batten. This can also be referred to as the 'Negative Space' between battens.

It is a critical component of the design. The space between battens that you select will impact the density of your linear feature. This affects both the visual linear intent and also the overall project cost.

Not sure where to start with batten spacing? An excellent design principle is to take two-thirds of the depth of your batten and use that as the gap. Here are some quick examples:
☉ When designing with a 60mm deep batten, two-thirds of 60 is 40mm. Use a 40mm gap.
☉ When designing with a 40mm deep batten, two-thirds of 40 is 27mm. Use a 27mm gap.
☉ When designing with a 20mm deep batten, two-thirds of 20 is 15mm. Use a 15mm gap.
Still unsure? Let's collaborate!


5.  Is acoustic backing required?

Acoustic backing serves two purposes in a Timber or Aluminium Batten design:

A)   It fills the gap between the battens with a black polyester felt material. This creates a stunning, consistent black contrast behind the battens and minimises the visual impact of the horizontal mounting rails.

B)    It improves the acoustic performance of the system. Essential where high-levels of sound quality is required.

7mm acoustic backing achieves a 0.25 NRC when fixed against a flat surface and 0.50 NRC in situations with a >25mm air cavity behind.
Additional acoustic batts can be added behind the 7mm acoustic backing if greater acoustic performance is required.

6.  Consider detailing and how you will treat services intergration

“The details are not the details. They make the design” – Charles Eames

Integration of services and considerations around detailing make an incredible difference to the overall impact of a Timber or Aluminium Batten design.

It is imperative to consider these aspects during the design stage of a batten project. The Apollo System is modular. It has been developed with flexibility in mind and has the capacity to incorporate minor tweaks that go a long way to the seamless integration of services such as light fittings, sprinklers, ducting etc.

Our Resource Hub has several methods to approaching common scenarios in ceiling and wall batten design.

After more detailed information? Download the full Apollo Brochure here. ↖

Book a call with our architectural team today to get down into the detail. We are happy to chat through ideas, materiality and budget to find out how we can help you create the interiors you need. Simply drop us a note on or call us on 03 9580 7800 to chat with our specification team.

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