Elevating the Senses: MBS Architectural's Latest Fit Out at Bistro C

September 19, 2023

Acoustics & Aesthetics: Setting the tone

As we continue to expand our portfolio in Queensland, MBS Architectural is stoked to unveil our latest project — the iconic beachfront dining oasis Bistro C, nestled in Noosa's Laguna Bay.

Bistro C is not just another beachside restaurant; it’s an institution, an integral part of the local landscape in Noosa. Award-winning cuisine, complemented by a relaxed and stylish atmosphere, makes it an all-time favourite for diners. Be it a leisurely long lunch, an afternoon cocktail, or a moonlit dinner, the view of Laguna Bay never disappoints, nor does the food.

Bistro C Dining Area | Photographer: @lumea_photo

Striking the Perfect Note with Heradesign Superfine Natural Acoustic Panels

For this renovation, MBS Architectural were tasked with enhancing the venue's acoustic experience, while maintaining its beachside aesthetic. Led by the talented Chloe Banks, Marketing & Brand Manager at Bistro C, we selected Heradesign Superfine Natural Acoustic Panels, a product celebrated for its superior acoustic properties.

“The Heradesign panels are not only the star choice for our establishment, Bistro C, but they also deliver an exceptional blend of organic aesthetics and acoustic performance,” explains Chloe. “We were specifically looking for something unique and distinctive, wanting to steer away from generic and overly office-like options that had become common for soundproofing. That's when we were introduced to the Heradesign panels in the captivating wood-wool natural style, and it was an easy decision."

Heradesign Panels | Builder: @gtobuilding & @baskconstructions | Photographer: @lumea_photo

It was important to select a product that not only functioned impeccably but also fit seamlessly into the restaurant’s design narrative. Chloe continues "They effortlessly aligned with our relaxed and texturally-rich vision, making a remarkable difference. Our valued customers can now enjoy a comfortable ambiance without being disturbed by the loud noises of a busy restaurant.”

Design Meets Functionality

The impact of good design extends beyond just the visual. For architects and designers, the challenge is to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Heradesign's panels offer sound absorption, serving as a testament to its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted noise and echoes. The result is an intimate setting perfect for meaningful connections, whether you're sharing a meal or celebrating special occasions.

Interiors: @chloejeanbanks_interiors | Photographer: @lumea_photo

We understand the immense responsibility and opportunity that comes with shaping the sensory experience of a space. At Bistro C, not only do your eyes feast on incredible views and exquisite interior designs, but your ears also revel in a sound environment that is as calming as the lapping water in Laguna Bay. You can enjoy conversations without needing to shout to be heard. The Heradesign product enriches the environment and dining experience - tick, tick.

In the end, good design is not just about how a space looks, but how it feels, sounds, and functions. It’s a holistic approach that considers every element, from the acoustic experience to the visual aesthetic.

At Bistro C, not only have we achieved an appealing design but also an inviting, functional space that urges you to stay, relax, and most importantly, enjoy.

So if you're in the area, head on over to Bistro C for an extraordinary sensory feast. We invite you to experience first-hand how design can truly elevate the senses.

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Location: @bistroc

Photographer: @lumea_photo

Builder: @gtobuilding & @baskconstructions

Interiors: @chloejeanbanks_interiors

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