Why you should consider a Metal Ceiling for your next design

July 21, 2022

Metal Ceilings

As one of Australia’s leading suspended ceiling product suppliers, MBS Architectural offer a complete range of Metal Ceiling options. At our core, we are innovators, which means we’re always on the lookout for new materials, new systems, and sustainable technologies – meaning we are always adding to our standard Metal Ceiling Systems range and our Bespoke Metal Ceiling capabilities.

AMP Fit-Out | Cranked Aluminium Battens

So, why should you consider a Metal Ceiling for your next design?

Suspended Metal Ceilings are an excellent option when your design intent is to achieve a high-quality, high-end look and feel. Metal Ceilings offer the most durability of any suspended ceiling product while offering a significant degree of flexibility, allowing them to adapt to the various needs of your ceiling feature. This also makes them the perfect material for ceiling designs requiring a bespoke solution.

Metal Ceilings are another form of Acoustic Ceiling Solution, acting as an effective method in the absorption of sound and improving both the acoustic performance and user experience of that space.

Melbourne Airport T2 Arrivals | Metal Pan Ceiling

Our Metal Ceiling Range

At MBS Architectural, our Metal Ceiling range is extensive. While we offer standardised Metal Pan, Perforated, Expanded Mesh, Raft, Batten and other Suspended Metal Ceiling options, our range is also designed to be highly adaptable to any design intent. Our proprietary systems offer the building blocks for bespoke design by providing standardised connections that ensure complex ceiling designs can be achieved easily and efficiently.

Our Metal Ceiling range includes:

☉ Expanded Mesh Ceilings – Becoming an increasingly popular design trend, our expanded mesh metal ceiling systems can are available in grid & tile, hook

☉ Open Cell Ceilings

☉ Aluminium Battens

☉ Ceiling Rafts

☉ Suspended Ceiling Tiles

DLA Piper Fit-Out | One Way Grid Metal Pan Ceiling

Book a call with our architectural team today to get down into the detail. We are happy to chat through ideas, materiality and budget to find out how we can help you create the interiors you need. Simply drop us a note on hello@mbsarchitectural.com.au or call us on 03 9580 7800 to chat with our specification team.

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