Innovative Suspended Ceiling Systems: A Designer’s Guide

February 6, 2024

Designers constantly seek materials that blend style, quality, and functionality within a client’s budget. Suspended ceiling systems offer an array of options that meet these criteria, each with unique features and applications.

For information on the specifics of how a suspended ceiling can be integrated, check out our article What Is A Suspended Ceiling?

Exposed Grid Systems

○   Advantages: Cost Effective, easy access for maintenance

○   Applications: Ideal for commercial spaces, where functionality is key

Exposed Grid Systems
AMF Thermatex Acoustic 1500mm x 500mmMineral Fibre Tiles

Concealed Grid Systems

○   Advantages: Sleek look, seamless finish

○   Applications: Suited for high-end designs where aesthetic continuity is essential

Concealed Grid Systems
Double Hook-On Perforated Metal Panels at Melbourne Airport T2 Arrivals Hall – Design by Grimshaw

Batten Systems (Aluminium & Timber):

○   Advantages: Versatile in style, offers both modern and natural aesthetics

○   Applications: Perfect for spaces where a balance of elegance and contemporary design is desired

Aluminium Battens
Apollo 150mm (d) by 50mm (w) Aluminium Battens at 11 Eastern Road – Design by Rothelowman

Expanded Mesh Systems

○   Advantages: Unique texture, facilitates airflow and light diffusion

○   Applications: Ideal for creating visually striking feature ceilings in public spaces

Open Cell Ceiling Systems
Hook-On Expanded Mesh Panels at Geelong Performing Arts Centre – Design by HASSELL

Open Cell Ceiling Systems

○   Advantages: Modern design, allows for integrated service and light solutions

○   Applications: Suitable for commercial and retail environments seeking a distinct contemporary look

Project: Castle Towers Shopping Centre | Network Architectural & Durlum | Photo Credit: Durlum

Raft Ceiling Systems

○   Advantages: Architectural feature, enhances acoustics

○   Applications: Best for open-plan areas needing defined spaces without solid partitions

Raft Ceiling Systems
Project: De Boelelaan, Amsterdam | Photo Credit: Durlum

Linear Metal Systems

○   Advantages: Durable, offers a sleek and modern look, with a variety of finish options, & cost effective

○   Applications: Ideal for contemporary commercial spaces, airports, educational institutions and shopping centres where a modern, industrial aesthetic is desired

Linear Metal Ceilings
Linear Strip Metal ceilings at Phrahran High School | Design by Gray Puksand

Wood Wool Suspended Panels

○   Advantages: Unique texture, high-levels of sound absorption, cost-effective

○   Applications: Designs requiring strong acoustic performance and looking to add warmth to a space

Wood Wool Ceiling Tiles
1200mm x 600mm Natural Superfine Panels installed at Heritage College

Each suspended ceiling system offers unique advantages, allowing interior designers to create spaces that are stunning, functional, and within budget. Whether seeking a contemporary style or a natural finish, these systems provide the versatility and quality required for exceptional interior design.

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